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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 11 May 2012

Nowadays, the FTP service is the fastest and most reliable way of sharing files and uploading them on the Internet. That's because, compared to the HTTP service, FTP allows uploading several files at the same time and with greater speed. But in order to benefit from all the features that the FTP offers, you first need a FTP client. Windows includes one such client, but unfortunately, is command line and doesn't include a graphical interface. This is why only advanced computer users can use this FTP client. A much better way of accessing the FTP service is by installing the FileZilla application.

This simple Windows program is very simple to install, as it includes a point and click installation wizard. After installing and running the program, the user will be presented with a graphical interface which does not need any help in order to be fully used. The interface resembles the one of Windows Explorer, and that's why most Windows users won't have trouble using FileZilla.

All that's required in order to initiate a new FTP connection is to enter the address of the FTP server, username and password. At this point, the user can perform file and folder operations using drag and drop. FileZilla allows performing several file operations at the same time, for example, copying multiple files to the FTP server simultaneously. Up to 10 simultaneous connections can be used for a FTP server. In case there are more than 10 files needing to be copied, they will all be put in a queue and processed one after another.

For making it easier to access a favorite FTP server, all its details can be added to a connection manager. FileZilla can store an unlimited number of FTP entries into the manager. Besides that, for accessing certain FTP paths easier, bookmarks can be added to them.

By accessing the options section of FileZilla , the user can thoroughly configure the application, including its functionality and appearance. There is also a simple step by step wizard available, for configuring network settings, which is suitable for beginners or users without much experience in using the FTP service.


It allows connecting to any FTP service in a very simple way and performing file and folder operations using drag and drop. Besides that, it can keep all the favorite FTP servers in a connection manager, together with their username and password. Furthermore, up to 10 files can be processed at the same time on a FTP server.


The program requires some knowledge and experience in working with FTP servers in order to be fully used. FileZilla allows you to connect to any FTP server in the easiest and quickest way possible and to perform various file operations using drag and drop.



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FileZilla has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 11 May 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated FileZilla 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential


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